Fish are jumping and the cotton is high…

19_July_LVMH_Coworth_DP_Sunset-1As the sunburn of summer sizzles and spits into the faded distance I look back at what high jinx and japes I have been up to. With my bucket, spade and a great deal of mirth ’twas off to the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. (Well, a bit further up than that).

19_Aug_links_House_Web_Ready8Links House in Dornoch is a sneaky piece of 5 star luxury hidden at the entrance to The Highlands. With breathtaking views around every corner I started to run out of adjectives. Forget your Swiss Alps, and your Norwegian Fjords we have the very best scenery here on our doorstep.

19_Aug_links_House_Web_Ready126Rich fabrics in every room. Nothing has been left to chance here. This is a really beautiful hotel. You know you are in the Highlands.



Getting ready for the Glorious 12th, the big sky and vast spaces make you feel very small and insignificant, but also connected with this place. If the idea of the North Coast 500 is not for you,  then maybe a trip to the wilds?


When the sun comes up, the wind is light and the grass has been cut. It can only mean one thing… get your camera out and stand really tall on your tippy toes. Chewton and Cliveden are timeless. I never really get past how beautiful these hotels are. The teams that work on the grounds are heroes in their own right. It’s an ongoing battle against the elements, golf swings and greenfly. We salute you.


Handmade bespoke tailoring, classic cars and good looking guys. Why on earth would I not want to shoot this? Richard George Tailoring is like being in a Kingsman movie. A very clever blend of modern gentleman meets classic style. I spent all day keeping a lookout for Colin Firth. I love this image so much that it hangs above my desk.

19_July_LVMH_Coworth_DP-13Dom Perignon, sweetie? Yep, that’ll do!! The very gorgeous people at LVMHasked me to shoot the new ‘Dining Under the Stars’ experience at Coworth Park. Luxury and prestige in the most beautiful setting. 19_july_lvmh_coworth_dp-16.jpg

Everyone of these lights is actually a firefly. They encouraged them to stay still with the promise of untold wealth and endless ‘DP’ Champagne. Needless to say they complied.

(For legal reasons, I must point out that at no point were any fireflies injured in the making of this image).

19_Aug_11CG_General-3Steak night at Hans Bar and Grillisn’t just any old steak night. Make sure you haven’t eaten for the 8 days leading up to it. Chef Adam Englandand his team always turn out the very coolest and tastiest food in Chelsea. I have tried several times this summer to eat vegetarian, then chef does this and the rest is history.


19_july_lakes_by_yoo_awr-36.jpgSo those unfeasibly talented guys at Lakes by Yoo have been producing the most outstanding private holiday villas in the Cotswolds. Designed by the likes of Philipe Starck, these imposing properties dot the man made lakes and offer swimming pools on the roof, glass floors to view your car collection and of course they all have their own private jetty so you can swim in the lake.

19_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_awr-5019_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_awr-43Nothing has been missed. Each house, while sharing the same DNA is distinct in its own individuality. Very design led, but stunningly beautiful. If you are looking for an escape, you could do so much worse.


Art work adorns most of the walls, the rest hold views across the lakes. Something that Gatsby himself would have loved.

19_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_H3-1Contact me if you have any left over champagne or fancy swimming pools that you need photographing.

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé, there are no words …

I don’t know about you but when I think of a French château the image that jumps to my mind (after singing all the songs from Beauty and the Beast obvs!) is of tall elegant windows, long manicured gardens and sweeping stone staircases.
19_May_Chateau_du_Grande_Luce_AD_Pick-5i crop
Having never really contemplated what it would feel like to stand inside a fairy-tale castle, or how the light would break through the windows and dance across antique rugs that sit nestled under original 17th century chaise longues. When the opportunity presented itself to photograph the magnificent, glorious, majestic, exquisite Château du Grand-Lucé, in the words of Rene Zellweger, “You had me at hello.”
The Grand Salon at the heart of the exceptional Château du Grand-Lucé, just south of Paris in the Loire, has me transfixed. I am actually quite emotional. I have been lucky enough to stand in some very beautiful and carefully curated hotels and great houses, but nothing prepares you for this. Every inch has been considered, debated and lovingly presented. Every room delivers its own unique experience.
From the significant hand painted de Gournay hunting wallpaper, “La Chasse de Campiegné”, that lines the walls in La Galerie de Chasse, to the rich luxurious Pierre Frey fabrics that flow like waterfalls cascading down against the 25ft original casement windows framing the view across the immaculate formal gardens.
You very quickly realise that this is no ordinary gaff!
Each suite is as breathtaking in scale as it is in detail. The wallpaper in every salon is an exceptional and priceless example of French style at its best. Discretion and luxury at the very highest.
The Baran’s Suite stops you in your tracks. The walls aren’t just painted, they are utterly adorned by artist Jean Baptiste Pillement (1728-1808) and found only in one other place – the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s private garden palace at Versailles (I know!).

The Salon Chinois, once the Baran’s private drawing room is now a private sanctuary for guests to enjoy.

I started my conversation with the team behind the Chateau du Grand-Lucé late in 2018. The Chateau was mid refurbishment and they wanted a photographer who could and would capture the new spirit of this majestic property. He was already booked so they got me! (cymbals stage right!)

Setting foot on set you feel you have been swept up in an elegant production of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”, only more so, and then just a little bit more!

The style is a heady mix of traditional French with stylish American influences. However, there is no doubt at all, this is a very French offering. There must have been a significant amount of shoe leather replaced by the clever souls that sourced all the original French pieces from around the world
There is no question that there was an element of ‘pinch me’ during this project. My team were fortunate to work alongside   such a highly knowledgeable body of professionals, who made sure every infinitesimal detail was perfect for every shot.
Everyone has a bucket list hidden away somewhere and please trust me when I tell you, Chateau du Grande-Lucé has to be on there.

Need your Château photographed? Feel free to contact me at

Chateau du Grand-Lucé

Shots Fired!! (and other things you can’t avoid.

I am celebrating a rather significant birthday this year. I woke up sober in January and thought, how did that happen? After a small wobble and a lot of very good wine (Dry-January?? Really. What a terrible idea.) I realigned my chakras and zinged my zen. Now I am running towards the big day of reckoning like a howling banshee. This has turned into the best ride ever.
In the words of the immortal David Brent, “live fast, die old.”

So, by now you all know the drill. Grab a sandwich, make yourself nice and comfy and look at the pretty pictures. Here’s 5 minutes you’re not getting back!!


When the luxury brand LVMH comes calling, you sit up and pay attention.
“We want you to photograph Veuve Cliquot  at some of the best hotels. You in?”
“Ah, yes!!” (I look around to see who they are really asking.)
That’s a really easy way to brighten up those dark winter days!


This time every year I look back at the shots I have produced over the winter. The dark tones and muted colour are quite indicative of that time of year. Then the first light of spring opens her eyes, the days get a little longer and the air carries the warmth towards you. Colour starts to flood back into my life, I feel lifted and want to shoot my images lighter and brighter. It’s then I realise, everything is ok in the world.


19_Jan_McLaren_Iconic 4119_Jan_McLaren_Iconic 40

You don’t have to be having a “mid-life crisis”  to know that McLaren make the most beautiful cars in the world. And so it happened.
“Adam. Can you come and shoot this McLaren we have for the next Iconic Mag..”
Donald Trump wouldn’t have approved of my negotiating skills on that one.   (Note to myself, stop seeking approval from ‘The Donald’ and move on)



Fish made a bit of a statement in my work recently. As you guys know, I do love a bit of fish, raw, smoked and just served up in a stew. It does lend itself to being photographed. It’s at this point I should thank my clients for their patience. These shots can take ages to prepare and get right. So to my amazing supportive clients, I raise my glass of fish stock in your general direction. #youknowwhoyouare


The dark colours and tones of raw produce make me just stop and stare. The truffles in this shot next to the smoked garlic, it’s just Boom!! Naturing the hell of this and giving me visual gold.



I love this image still. It’s great to see it featuring in this seasons spa campaign for Chewton Glen. The pool grabs and dunks you into a big glass of sensory overload . The looming pillars the fresco paintings take you away from real life for a moment of indulgence. We shot this through the night a couple of years ago. The complexity of trying to acclimatise all the equipment, work in the heat, not electrocute anyone and hit the brief. Thank you team.

Model –Sarah Sherwood, Makeup – Joe Hopker, Assistant- Harriet Bailey, Queen of the Schedule- Sarah Branson



When it’s dark and gloomy out there, I need a bit of colour in my life. Up steps the new head chef at one of the biggest openings this summer The Langley.  Marco Ardemagni’s team are going to be creating vegetable focused works of art like these. Instagram has never had it so good!


CondeNastTraveller_May2018 4_Page_03

So, this is a big deal. This summer doors open at what CN Traveller are calling ‘France’s Loveliest Chateaux.’
Chateau du Grand-Lucé is set in 80 acres of prime Loire countryside, with 20 suites including two cottages, it will be like no other hotel in the region. With no detail missing. At the end of May, I am taking a small team to photograph this amazing place for its owners. Keep your eyes peeled as I think it is highly likely the images will pop up across all the quality travel press this summer. I am sure that if you follow my social media I may pop a picture or two in my own reserved, quiet and subtle manner!!!

CondeNastTraveller_May2018 4_Page_07

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See you on the other side.


Now is the Winter of our ‘Disco-Tent’

Never let it be said that I am predictable!! I promised you in early September that I would deliver my blog more regularly, and now here we are in December (How did that happen?) Regularly, every three months, whether you want it or not. But as the evenings draw in and the fires are lit, I tend to turn my attention to my stomach. How much can I store in it to keep me safe until the spring bulbs start to break through and the warm sun shines on my pasty face again?
The festive season is upon us and with that I have been working on my ‘Feast’ series with vigour.
Let the parties begin!

18_Oct_Lygon_Food_Rooms-1718_Sept_Chewton_Heritage_Menu-28As the summer drew to a close and the leaves started to change to rich combinations of raw umber and soft ochres, I found myself reflecting this in the colour palette I was choosing for my images. In November after being asked by the beautiful Calcot Collection of Hotels to capture the essence of their four very different properties, I found that the warm tones of firesides, natural timber and elegant fabrics were echoed throughout them all.


With its famous award winning spa, open fires, incredible food and spaces that make you want to park yourself for the rest of the weekend. If you haven’t visited then add it to your bucket-list now.

18_Nov_Calcot_Collection_Calcot-140People have played an important part in my work this season. I work with chefs a lot but they aren’t always that happy to have their smiling faces captured for posterity. But occasionally the planets line up, the light is right and BOOM! (and you know how much I love a BOOM!)

18_Nov_Calcot_Collection_Lord_Crewe-10The dark and blue of the kitchen and the warm orange glow of the hot lights. a plate of great food. What’s not to love?

18_July_11Cadogan_Gardens-50The bar at 11 Cadogan Gardens always catches the eye. It’s rich, dark, marble bar top and the gold ornate surrounds. The light catches through the windows in the afternoon and the whole room just glows.

18_Nov_Blue_Mountain-1Anyone who knows me, knows I can get quite passionate about things! (No, not you. I hear you all cry) When the new luxury coffee brand Midnight Blue outlined their plan to deliver the very best coffee to discerning clients with an air of theatre thrown in, I got a bit passionate about it. We shot in a coffee roaster’s in the dark of night with smoke and the heady aroma of great coffee.

18_Oct_Willow_Brockwell-318_Oct_Willow_Brockwell-34We love a bit of Willow Lifestyle. I am always extremely flattered when they ask me to photograph their projects. You know that they will always be beautifully detailed and ooze style and class. Plus, I always seem to spend the entire shoot laughing.

18_Sept_Bournemouth_Beach_Lodges-10518_Sept_Bournemouth_Beach_Lodges-718_Sept_Bournemouth_Beach_Lodges-7418_Sept_Bournemouth_Beach_Lodges-97Writing this today, I am sat in my flat with a blanket around my shoulders and two hoodies on. (Yep, too tight to put the heating on during the day!!) I’m looking at the rain beat against the window and looking through through the work I have shot over the last few months. As I came upon these images of the incredible Bournemouth Beach Lodges, the rain stopped and the sun came out. And everything was alright in the world. Just thought I would share the love…18_Sept_Kitchen_Food_and_Xmas-2318_Sept_Chewton_Heritage_Menu-2018_Nov_Calcot_Collection_Calcot-96Every season has its stars in terms of produce. But there is something about Autumn with rich reds and oranges of beetroot, apples that are just asking to be scrumped and blackberries full of juice and flavour. Visually I am spoilt this time of the year.

18_Nov_Cadogan_Gardens_Festive-11Couldn’t leave you without a couple of festive shots. Hans Bar and Grill in Chelsea know a thing or two about mixing cocktails. If you want to spoil yourself you could do a lot worse than a stroll down the uber-trendy Pavilion Road off Sloane Square and pop in a for a lesson in Mixology.

18_Nov_Bournemouth_Tourism_Xmas_Trees-23The Christmas Tree Wonderland in Bournemouth doesn’t disappoint. There are the most stunning neon Christmas Trees throughout the lower gardens and down towards the beach. Put on a scarf and hat and amble towards the Christmas market and the smell of mulled wine and mice pies.

Eyes sm

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Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach …..

As summer drags its golden arse to the golden precipice of Autumn whilst delivering light that even Raphael couldn’t better and as I didn’t go away this summer I thought I would make you suffer my version of my holiday photos.  (Spoiler alert- no sausage legs on sun-beds were used in the making of this blog!)



It seemed this summer that every road was lined with pale bleached grasses and you looked out across the patchwork of fields in burnt umber, desert sand and raw ochre that made England seem a cross between the Balearics and a moonscape. As a photographer I first saw these as challenges that were almost insurmountable, but I then started to view them with beauty and worked with it. That said it has been amazing summer for lavender.

Love a bit of London! The Barbican in the rain always catches my eye. I felt like I could have been anywhere with so many styles all fighting for the same space.


I always love going back to The Trafalgar at St James. The excitement of walking through the TDR doors and the bustle at the bar. Such a very cool place to be able to work in.


The wall is down in the bar and restaurant. It opens the whole space up and gives it even more drama.


Whilst I think it feels like only yesterday that Charlene was working with Henry Ramsay in the garage in those overalls!!  It’s actually quite sobering to realise it nearly was a lifetime ago. That’s a life time if you are 32 or younger.

I managed to get up close and personal recently with the lady herself at a BBC Children in Need event. She was performing a really intimate gig to about 100 very lucky guests.  She looked amazing and her performance had everyone screaming for more.


If this wasn’t enough for one night, next on stage was the one and only, (ladies hold onto your hats) Take That!!!

Gary, Howard and Mark looked rugged, time has been kind to them. They seem to have grown into their more natural look. Again a crowd of, very noisy, about 100. (Where on earth does that ever happen!!)

I was lucky to get very very close to get these shots. As you can imagine, a lot of shots were fired off but these are the images cleared by the boys themselves for use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that is what you call a driveway. Must be a nightmare keeping those edges tidy! Cliveden House. What a place!

18_Aug_Cliveden_Sample-1 sm

Apparently there was a wedding earlier this summer. I think it made the news. For those of you who weren’t aware, (or only watched Love Island repeats all summer) the Duchess of Sussex stayed at Cliveden House the night before the wedding. As you would imagine, the worlds press went crazy for footage. As I have shot for the hotel for the last 4 years, I managed to get my images into some amazing publications. But I think nothing beats Vogue for prestige. (CLANG!!!)

Lygon Arms in Cotswolds is a very special place. I was lucky enough to stay there with my family for my wife’s birthday this year.  Everything that you would expect from such an Iconic Hotel. 

Variety is the spice of life so they say. Well this summer has been the Lamb Bhuna mixed with a Chicken Biryani type of life.

I was commissioned to photograph an industrial project at Waterloo Station at night. How often do you get to go behind the scenes of one of the countries busiest stations. I felt like I was on a Channel 4 documentary. The light, reflections and patterns had me mesmerised.

18_Aug_Bourne_Steel_Waterloo-21 bw

Adding a bit more spice I then had the opportunity to work with the amazing Sarah Ireland on the launch of her new fragrance and scented candles.


I asked to produce a series of product and lifestyle images to compliment the beautiful delicate fragrances.



then from the sublime …..

Fish Finger Sandwich sm

I was challenged earlier this year to make a fish finger sandwich look exciting.

I love a challenge, me!!!

I am entering the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards this year. This is the leading competition for food photographers and will showcase some of the best food shots from around the world. You can check back here to see how things progress but I have managed to hassle five leading chefs to collaborate with me on this.


My life may appear to mostly be made up of travelling from hotel to restaurants to hotel. But there is other cool stuff I occasionally get to do. Recently I got to shoot for the launch of Team Jobs Executive Search in Dorset. They had an idea of the style they were looking for but I had free reign on the creative. So much more exciting and real than either using stock or shooting that restrictive safe corporate imagery.

The coolest bar in Chelsea has to be Hans Bar and Grill. Situated on Pavilion Road just off Sloane Square. The designers have demonstrated such clever effortless style. The mix of greenery, Edison bulbs and light from the glass ceiling  gives a sense of tranquillity that makes you want to stay there all day. Exceptional food and service are what you would expect from such an esteemed establishment. It won’t let you down. Like a well oiled Swiss clock. (Does one oil a clock?)



Sorry about the long blog. Promise to write more frequently in future and not store it all up.
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In the words of Aaron Burr “See you on the other side (of the war)”


Food Glorious Food (and other things) The March Blog

18_Feb_Personal_Bream 1 sm

As I find myself climbing out of my winter pit of blues and blacks and heading towards the beautiful soft light of spring, I pause and say to myself, “Right, better write a blog then!.” I am sure that everyone I have every met, connected with, spoken with or even just walked close to is asking themselves. Just what has Adam been up to lately? We never hear from him!!!! (…not)

Well, seeing as you ask so nicely.


It has become apparent that esteemed Chef, André Garret (Executive Chef of Cliveden House) has been secretly yearning for a career as a photographers assistant and stylist. When it comes to a plate of food he never fails to deliver.

Jason Atherton 1 sm

“Can you come and take some shots of Jason Atherton?”

“Um….errr… yes.. Really?”

I have to admit I was a bit nervous. He is arguably the best chef at the top of his game. Oh, and he is a bit scary. How wrong was I?


What a top gentleman. A real pleasure. Thank you Chef.


If you live or visit Lymington in Hampshire you just have to visit Greedo on Gosport Street. They wrote the book on getting it right.

Food- tick

Service- tick

Style- tick

Price- tick

Go there or be



Two musicians in this months blog. Jorden Lindsay. Young, talented, handsome singer songwriter.

Mike Willis. Young, talented, handsome guitarist. Love their work. You can follow Jorden here and Mike here.



I do love a good interior me. But what about a hot-tub, I hear you ask? Well then, here you go for all you hot-tub interior photography specialists out there. Don’t ever say I don’t try to please you all.


Sometimes it’s the last unexpected shot that steals the day. Thank you Pylewell Park. (Home to Annie Liebovitz famous Dunhill shoot.) Pylewell delivers in all the right places.


You know when you find a place and think, “With the right team behind this it will be amazing!” Well, introducing The Portman Grill at Marylebone, bought to you by Beverley Hoyle, Matthew Beard and Chef Alsonso Salvaggio. Keep watching this space and you won’t be disappointed.


If you are still reading this and not fallen asleep, then congratulations. You should win a prize, alas due to competition rules and all that.

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Glitz, Glamour and Gaviscon! The January Blog

With the stealth of a cunning fox, 2018 has crept up on me. I’m sure that 1st January used to be later in the year than this!! Looking back over December it was full on at Lynk Towers.

17_Dec_CIN_Rick_Stein Mary Berry Joanna Lumley Chris Evans Judy Murray sm
When Chris Evans called me to ask me to photograph the ‘Holy Trinity’ Joanna Lumley, Judy Murray and Mary Berry at Rick Steins Restaurant in Barnes for Children in Need I may have answered “YES” a little too quickly to  appear anywhere near as cool as the event demanded. 

(Clang!!! Can someone help me, I seem to have dropped several names and they have rolled under the table and I can’t reach them to put them back!!)

My London clients continue to develop with recent shoots at the legendary Langham and the exciting Portman Hotel. Every time I find myself at any of these amazing places I pinch myself and utter those immortal words “Remember where you are Adam!” 

a17_Nov_AS_POrtraits 10 al blog

The launch of the inaugural “Iconic” magazine for the Iconic Luxury Hotels Group brought forth a realm of opportunities. A portrait shoot with Managing Director, Andrew Stembridge (the busiest man in hospitality) came with the challenge of how to photograph someone so significant yet so unpretentious. Answer- keep it simple. 

17_Dec_Iconic_Jaguar 23ii

The cover shoot for the magazine yielded more schoolboy dreams come true. Playing in the forest with my camera and a beautifully restored E-Type Jaguar. Someday soon someone is going to tell me to do some proper work!

Iconic 1 edit lic dark sm

In amongst all of this I still managed to capture a few personal project images. This shot of St Pauls from Millennium Bridge seems to have ticked a lot of boxes. 

Chilli sm

January seems to be the time to look forward and I am taking bookings for Spring already. However if you are thinking of portraits, produce or products then the next couple of months might be an ideal time to shoot them. You can contact me to discuss ideas or future projects. I love a good chat!