Living in a bubble.

I live in a little village on the south coast of England called Milord on Sea. I have two daughters aged 7 and 9. It’s a protected little bubble, where not a lot happens, there is very little crime and all the people appear civilised . They are understandably confused when they hear that people are holding parties to celebrate the death of an old women who lead the country. I agree that Margaret Thatcher was divisive, and very marmite but she still has a family, she didn’t commit any war crimes, she didn’t commit genocide, she didn’t embezzle millions of pounds, she didn’t scam interest rates, she didn’t risk other people’s money to earn their commission.
And now they hold parties to rejoice that she is dead. Have we lost perspective as a generation? Is this the first step towards “Lord of Flies”?
Am I really going to turn round to my girls and tell them it is ok to party when someone dies because you didn’t believe in their beliefs. You didn’t share their values. You believe in democracy as long as your party wins and if they don’t then everyone else is wrong.
Ken Livingstone said in the paper yesterday that when Margaret Thatcher took over wee had near full employment!!! What a load of bollocks. The country was on it it’s knees about to go bankrupt. The labour government had already received a European Bank bailout. Sound familiar?
Don’t lose perspective.
Have some manners no matters what your beliefs.
Any way here are some photos from my beautiful village where I I’ve in my bubble with my beautiful family.




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