Lynk Photography and the journey to Professional Wedding Photographer

Hello my lovelies. It has been four months since my last blog and boy has my world turned upside down and then back up again. It was then plonked down on the road to “Yes please I want to do that everyday for the rest of my life” and jumped on a very fast bus that didn’t stop until it got there!!!!

I left my job, in recruitment, last November. I had been working recruitment for 20 years. I left it to follow my dream. That dream was to win the lottery, buy a big boat and disappear over the horizon on my way to Monte Carlo. Unfortunately that dream had already been bagged by someone else. So I chose to follow my other dream. To be a full time professional photographer.

I love taking photos of people and I love taking photos of landscapes. How am I going to make a living do this then.

So in December I opened a small ‘pop up gallery’ in Milford on Sea, Hampshire. The Gallery at Milford ( ). It went down very well indeed and I sold a lot of Landscape Photography.

Like this one……


and this one…….


December came and went. I actually had a Christmas with my family!!!

But already in place was my long term plan.

Lynk Photography Wedding Photographer.

November 29th first Wedding shoot. Jason and Carrie at the Kings in Christchurch.

Great day, great people, great shoot and got some great images.




The business is now broken down in to two clear divisions.

Lynk Photography, Wedding and Portraits and

The Gallery at…… Landscape work.

Please check out the website or if you have come from the link on my site, then thank you for visiting. Please let me know what you think. I know that can be dangerous but with real feedback it allows me to offer the right product to the right people.

I will be here more often from now on.

Love you, bye!!!!!


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