Love my job

Sunrise 91214- 5 small wm

Some bright spark has suggested I write a blog! I totally admire anyone that can be consistent with things of this nature, however I seem to have quite enjoyed doing this so brace yourself, (surely not more than one person will read this?) there may be another one coming soon!

One of the reasons I love my job is the diversity and breadth of the people and projects I work on week by week. After 20 years feeling stifled in an environment that didn’t really suit me, I genuinely try and get the most of the day ahead.

One minute I can have my day planned out and then receive a last minute call to a client I may have pitched to months ago who may have decided to progress a project. This often means they have decided to go ‘concept to completion’ within 24 hours! I love this scenario and the adrenalin and desire to succeed and exceed all expectations often kicks in.

I had a short notice call to Walhampton on Monday and spent a hugely enjoyable afternoon snapping in the stunning grounds. It was an interesting brief and I was delighted to be able to step in!

By contrast, today (Tuesday) is being spent in Winchester on a poster campaign for the NHS and tomorrow I am with a couple planning their wedding shots. I will also be involved in a meeting about ‘Love Milford Week’ – a project close to my heart as it is where my family live and we love this coastal town, a lot!

In amongst this I will also be in my studio editing recent shoots and, although it drives certain people nuts, getting my creative head on! I have ideas, a lot. A lot of ideas a lot of the time…

On Thursday I am really looking forward to a corporate contract with an interior design client. ‘Lifestyle’ is something we are all keen on and I find it captivating.

I am also meeting with my printer about a TOP SECRET (I was made to write that!) project for the end of the year. I am quite proud of my ability to forward plan – it only works in my studio. At home I am the King of Wing!

On Friday I am mentoring a university student. This was something that was of huge benefit to me when I was studying in the late 80s and I am pleased to be able to close the circle. We will with be the fabulous Will Rochfort, a gifted artist. His subject matter often includes cameras!

Over the weekend I aim to swerve all the calls for me to join various exercise regimes! You know who you are ☺


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