We’re on the move

So, things were a little hectic there for a moment however I am now entering a spell of strictly scheduled work and a change of location both of which I am hugely looking forward to.

Much as I am sad to be leaving The Gallery in Milford on Sea, I am beyond excited to be setting up a central Lymington office (get me!). My work is selling so quickly on line and it’s so efficient that I have expanded the capacity of my website and am uploading all my latest Landscape work as soon as it is complete. This is a really positive move for me and I will be sorry not to be in the heart of the village that has been so generous to me, however it is something I have been striving for. Being online rather than having a so-called ‘shop floor’ means I can level the cost of my work too ☺

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I have been completing long-term contracts and having meetings with enthusiastic new clients and it would be safe to say that I feeling the love from the local area. I can’t disclose more at the present time but you can bet your life on my bending your ears sooner or later and sharing some images with you!

One thing I would just like to share with you now is this following testimonial. It is quite rare, in the current climate, for someone to have the time to write kind words about anyone, let alone a photographer! This was a project that demanded consideration and nurturing and I worked hard to ensure that I was sensitive to my surroundings.

“West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group approached Adam to undertake some photography for an upcoming campaign. This was a high profile campaign for the NHS across Hampshire and as such we needed a photographer we could trust. We are delighted with the images Adam has created. His enthusiasm is unending and he has a real knack for bringing out the best in his models. The images that we now have for our poster and online campaign are fantastic and truly depict the emotions of the situations we are portraying. Thank you Adam for all your hard work.”

Drop me a text if you are passing by and want to know more about the photography services I offer and I’ll get the kettle on!


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