It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I was privileged to capture pupils from Walhampton receiving their Common Entrance exam results from their Headmaster at the start of the month. Really? You would have to be flat lining not to be touched by the success and compassion in the room. There were a great many tears and I have to say a fair few of them were mine!

I was back at Walhampton to take photographs at Founders Day. The guest speaker was author Michael Morpurgo who was vibrant, engaging and great fun. He finished his speech with a little sing song from War Horse – as you do!


It took me just over 5 hours to style and shoot an absolutely stunning penthouse property, called Tranquility for Pennyfarthing Homes at Canford Cliffs. Not only was it truly tranquil, there were so many fabulous bedrooms and bathrooms and dressing rooms, not to mention a balcony with views over the prestigious Parkstone Golf Course that I had to curtail my artistic nature and not overshoot just so I could stay the night.

TQ Main Room 2

TQ Balcony 2i

I have completed another shoot for Chewton Glen, which I have to say, is one of the most glorious places I have ever had the pleasure of working. It’s sharp, immaculate and has evolved a little bit more every time I go to work. No two days are the same and I am always enthralled with what I get to see.


I’ve also been in the gym this month, impressive I know! To set the record straight, seeing me in the gym actually exercising is a rare and precious thing, however I have been shooting gym scenes with some very sporty types for the lovely people at BHLive. I’ve had worse contracts and we’ll leave that there 😉

The Carnival Ball at Stanwell House was a resounding success. Over 200 people had a rocking night while they raised a lot of money. #Benthechef delivered (again) an achingly brilliant 3-course meal for the guests. His ability to offer up 200 identically dressed plates with exactly the same quantities is testament to his devotion to be the best chef he can be. The chocolate sphere desserts were a thing of great beauty and his accolades this week have been well deserved.


The ‘c’ word is not far from many peoples’ lips and #christmasinaugust has gathered some momentum on social media. I have already completed a shoot at Buckland Manor in Hampshire, a beautiful home that really lent itself to the festive theme. I have two more ‘festive’ bookings before the end of August. It can be quite surreal as you light candles, close curtains and get the fire looking cosy and inviting and then you nip out to your car and its nudging 30 degrees…

Detail 1


Mince pie anyone?


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