Is it just me or is time flying past? I know I live at 100 miles an hour, but the last few weeks have been extreme even by my standards.

This may have something to do with the exclusive Pre ‘A’ Porsche 356 calendar I was invited to produce at the last minute, which is selling like the proverbial ‘hot cake’. I don’t think I ever imagined my work being in South Africa, Germany and America but that, my friends, is where the calendar is reaching. The power of the Porsche….and probably the festive season!

If you would like to join the Porsche calendar party, there are only 356 available (see what we did there?), please either Pre-Order at the reduced rate of £29.99 until 1st November, or £35.99 post this date via this Amazon link

The backdrop of the New Forest National Park and Goodwood Estate frames the cars perfectly and the A3 calendar has been produced to the very highest quality, plus each piece is individually signed by me, lucky you J. Delivery is GUARANTEED before the 10th December, just like one of the sofa adverts already on the TV!

In other news…

I have some new work for an agency in Bournemouth starting this week and I am already nearly at my wedding quota (6) for summer 2016. My landscape exhibition at Rum’s Eg in Romsey next month is coming together and I am excited about sharing my work with people who potentially only see the commercial side of what I do. You can see more about it here

I do love a link 😉


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