October Newsletter

As we head into the season of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ I’ve come over all reflective and thought I’d share some of my thoughts about this most sensational summer.

The Lynk diary has once again taken me to exciting locations from the scorching coastlines to some balmy rural retreats meeting new clients and catching up with some familiar faces. With the weather playing such a blinder I have been able to indulge in my passion of capturing the local landscape. Living in a traditional seaside town has its benefits. I can’t make any calls from my mobile but I can watch the sunrise or set most days!


Talking of sand, (see what I did there?) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with PGA Coach Colin Murray, creating images for his up and coming new website. Colin can actually ‘hear’ when a player hits their shot incorrectly from thousands of metres away and then tell the golfer what they should try next time they are faced with the same shot. It’s hard not to try and get a few tips when you are alongside man who successfully applies a method of ‘marginal gains’ to his coaching students. A few people on my team would be thrilled if I improved on certain aspects of my job by 1%!


As ever, while most of the UK has been applying Piz Buin, I’ve spent a lot of time spraying festive glitter and fake snow around beautiful homes and in luxury hotels. Our usual round of #christmasinjuly expanded into August and September and we have exterior shoots on ‘hold’ as we really do need some ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ or we’ll lose the tone. Interiors are all good to go even if it’s a tad warm for the guys putting up and decorating the Christmas trees!


My quest for the ultimate kit continues with same fervent approach as Mrs L looking for the ever elusive ‘perfect shoe (boot, flip flop, handbag – you catch my drift?) and I have made some long awaited purchases over the summer. I have taken to spreading my kit out army style on a Sunday night, much to frustration of the aforementioned. I like to envisage what I’ll be using on which shoot during the week ahead. As a photographer I can always see another image whether it’s something for a client, or for personal work, which is why I am always on the move or plunged deep into thought.


The Indian summer has been exceptional, I’ve enjoyed it immensely and now I am looking ahead to the freshness and vibrancy of the colour that comes with the cooler temperatures. I don’t think I have ever gone into the autumn schedule with so much to achieve and I can’t wait to get stuck in!



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