Taking your school Marketing Campaign to another level

I am delighted to have hit the front page, literally, of the Independent Schools Guide with my photograph of pupils from Walhampton School in Hampshire. I ripped up the ‘never work with children (or animals)’ rule book when I worked with a model of 7 who had more star quality than many of the adults around her. My intuition for being able to think ahead to what is coming next is either down to having young children myself or perhaps my slightly mischievous nature!


Cuddles Nursery has recently undergone a huge transformation, invested a significant sum in new equipment and my brief was to capture the children as they navigated the lights and sounds around them.


Living on the south coast in the seaside village of Milford on Sea means that our local children get the opportunity to share time in a beautiful school garden. It’s a focal point where pupils relax and engage in new responsibilities It’s noticeable how their energy and unit recharges when they move outside from the classroom.


I have been photographing the students at Walhampton for quite sometime. It’s a school bursting with vigor, opportunities reflected from both staff and pupils. I am always confident of catching something or someone that shines through the lens back at me.


Prom is a big deal. A really big deal! I know this now having photographed the Ballard School Year 11’s celebrating their achievements over an evening filled with great laughter and camaraderie For me, this celebration is the epitome of the phrase ‘they are growing up in front of our eyes.’


Working with a child model is very different to being in an educational environment. Asking a small child to comply with a formal brief can have it’s challenges even in the most magnificent 5* surroundings however I have been extremely fortunate to date. So far, so good!


The link below will take you to one of the videos I have produced for a school. Video is so all encompassing and inclusive for pupils and a successful marketing device, not to mention being something memorable for the parents.



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