January Blog

Out of the blocks in January 2017

I’d love to tell you that I’m excelling at a raft of educational, life-enhancing and worthy NY resolutions and, whilst I am high on admiration for those that are, I am slightly lower on the self discipline scale. I have enjoyed some long blasts of fresh air already this month and living here on the beautiful South Coast, it’s no real hardship to have your car passenger window stuck on ‘open’ on few bright and breezy days.

Voting in the Bournemouth Tourism Awards has now closed and I’m overwhelmed by how many people took time to vote for me in the Rising Star category. I still don’t know which two people / companies nominated me for the award in the first place. Intriguing! We’ll know if I made semi finalist in a few weeks, naturally I’ll be bragging on every social media platform known to man if I do. Speech you say?

We kicked off 2017 working on a music video for singer songwriter Charlie Hole (http://charliehole.com) and the local area offered us the most incredible backdrop. I got to collaborate on this video with my great mate, film and television Director Sean Glynn https://twitter.com/mrseanglynn  during a rare break from his current Hollyoaks contract. It was fascinating to put my photographic way of working alongside Seans’ cinematic approach and the result is, in our minds, flipping fantastic! I should point out that the client is pretty happy too.

We used locations including a lake, a pub (revert to paragraph 1) a street, a farm and a motorway and our team included Bournemouth based filmmaker Rob Amey, international make up artist Joe Hopker, lighting, sound and special effects expert Joe Hale (http://www.sfxevents.com) and numerous friends and colleagues for background shots. The video is currently being mastered and should be ready for release early Feb. So again, naturally I will be bragging about it on social media, just to tease you here is a glimpse of the behind the scenes video from the day. Thank you Todd Clark. https://www.facebook.com/toddclarkvideography


Behind the scenes on the day, images taken by the Crew.
Most random location used so far this month?  
A motorway bridge leading from a sewage treatment centre to a cow field.

Piece of kit most used?
My DJI Ronin M Gimbal. It has earns its money this month alone. Awesome piece of kit.

Most valuable lesson learnt?
Prep and then prep again. It saves so much time.


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