February blog

It’s all about the contrast …

Contrast  –  a difference or contrast between similar things or people.
synonyms: differencecontrastdissimilaritydissimilitudedivergencevariancevariation

Contrast sums up a lot of areas of my life. Today I was shooting pupils swimming at a large independent school in the centre of Bournemouth, then I went off to a freezing underground car park to work with Nasty Lifestyle on a clothing shoot, which always makes me grin as the models are barely clothed and  – holding on to that theme – I closed the day with artist Will Rochfort after hours in local launderette capturing a backdrop for his next piece of work.It’s all at high speed as ever and I am thoroughly enjoying using different kit, experimenting in new environments and there is a substantial pitch in the pipeline which we are all very excited about.


Last weekend I was lucky enough to stay and enjoy the sheer luxury that is The Chewton Glen. There is nowhere like it for me, their service is delivered with such infinite style and panache. On the Sunday I was invited to visit the Fat Duck with a client. What a kitchen – it quite took my breath away!

By contrast, there it is again, this weekend I’ll be mainly ferrying my girls to and from their various ‘social engagements’, trying to assist with housework (brownie points urgently required) and casting an eye over the grey area that is the garden.

If you are on Instagram check out my page https://www.instagram.com/adamlynk_photography/ as it’s where I post a lot of my work, I’ve got a bit of a food thing going on at the moment. Colours, textures and… oh look, a unicorn!

“I’m absolutely delighted to have reached the semi final stage in the Bournemouth Tourism Awards ‘Rising Star’ category! Having been nominated anonymously (easy for you to say) by two different sources its quite humbling to be in such a broad category and be in with a chance. If I win I’m sure my supporters will show themselves in a bid for a free drink, which will of course be forthcoming and plentiful.


Most random location used so far this month?  A local Launderette at night.

Piece of kit most used?
My Nilon 24-70mm f2.8 be.

Most valuable lesson learnt?
Never settle for “good enough”

And finally …
Sometimes you look up from behind the lens and realise how lucky I am to do this for a living


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