Cameras, Companies and Commissions (oh and a new website!)

Lynk Towers have been busy bees over the summer period. Always looking to improve, I made the biggest investment of my career. To remain at the cutting edge of delivering images, I have invested in a Phase One IQ350 camera. What does this mean to me, I hear you shout?! It simply means that you can now benefit from the highest possible quality, sharpest image that will reproduce to the biggest scale possible. Big, bold, bright and shiny!! If you want to know more, I will be more than willing to bore you to death for hours on end about stacking, HDR, Dynamic Range and Seismographs. (Don’t yawn its rude!!!)


Phase TopIn a flurry of creativity, many hours of frustration and a few choice words, I have a new website. Same address but hopefully you’ll agree easier to use and a bit cleaner. I have matched this with a new logo (oooh! get me!!!) Plain and simple. The designer told me it reflects my character. (Rude!)


Website landscapeNot saying I have been up and down the M3 a lot this summer but I now have my own parking space at Fleet Services and a direct debit to Costa drive thru!!
The amazing campaigns that I have been lucky enough to be involved in, have been at full throttle all summer. If you are looking for a beautiful break in the Cotswolds then you must go to the new Lygon Arms in Broadway. Unrivalled in style and country elegance. If you find yourself in London then forget the NED. The Roof Bar at The Trafalgar at St James. Cool, stylish and the best view in London. 11 Cadogan Gardens in Mayfair for the ultimate opulent indulgence. You must try the cocktails. If you are looking for unusual then you have to go a long way to beat The Windmill, Suffolk. A beautifully restored windmill with views to kill your neighbours for.


Last and most definitely least. As the company has grown over the last 4 years we have now become a full Limited Company. For those of you that supply me and for those of you that I am lucky enough to bill, we have new bank details and a new official company name. I will email you all the details. However we will continue to trade as Adam Lynk Photography. Coz, if it ain’t broken and all that razzmatazz.

Thank you, its been emotional.


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