Food Glorious Food (and other things) The March Blog

18_Feb_Personal_Bream 1 sm

As I find myself climbing out of my winter pit of blues and blacks and heading towards the beautiful soft light of spring, I pause and say to myself, “Right, better write a blog then!.” I am sure that everyone I have every met, connected with, spoken with or even just walked close to is asking themselves. Just what has Adam been up to lately? We never hear from him!!!! (…not)

Well, seeing as you ask so nicely.


It has become apparent that esteemed Chef, André Garret (Executive Chef of Cliveden House) has been secretly yearning for a career as a photographers assistant and stylist. When it comes to a plate of food he never fails to deliver.

Jason Atherton 1 sm

“Can you come and take some shots of Jason Atherton?”

“Um….errr… yes.. Really?”

I have to admit I was a bit nervous. He is arguably the best chef at the top of his game. Oh, and he is a bit scary. How wrong was I?


What a top gentleman. A real pleasure. Thank you Chef.


If you live or visit Lymington in Hampshire you just have to visit Greedo on Gosport Street. They wrote the book on getting it right.

Food- tick

Service- tick

Style- tick

Price- tick

Go there or be



Two musicians in this months blog. Jorden Lindsay. Young, talented, handsome singer songwriter.

Mike Willis. Young, talented, handsome guitarist. Love their work. You can follow Jorden here and Mike here.



I do love a good interior me. But what about a hot-tub, I hear you ask? Well then, here you go for all you hot-tub interior photography specialists out there. Don’t ever say I don’t try to please you all.


Sometimes it’s the last unexpected shot that steals the day. Thank you Pylewell Park. (Home to Annie Liebovitz famous Dunhill shoot.) Pylewell delivers in all the right places.


You know when you find a place and think, “With the right team behind this it will be amazing!” Well, introducing The Portman Grill at Marylebone, bought to you by Beverley Hoyle, Matthew Beard and Chef Alsonso Salvaggio. Keep watching this space and you won’t be disappointed.


If you are still reading this and not fallen asleep, then congratulations. You should win a prize, alas due to competition rules and all that.

I have a bucket of exciting stuff happening over the next couple of months. The best way to stay updated is to follow my instagram account which is here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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