Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach …..

As summer drags its golden arse to the golden precipice of Autumn whilst delivering light that even Raphael couldn’t better and as I didn’t go away this summer I thought I would make you suffer my version of my holiday photos.  (Spoiler alert- no sausage legs on sun-beds were used in the making of this blog!)



It seemed this summer that every road was lined with pale bleached grasses and you looked out across the patchwork of fields in burnt umber, desert sand and raw ochre that made England seem a cross between the Balearics and a moonscape. As a photographer I first saw these as challenges that were almost insurmountable, but I then started to view them with beauty and worked with it. That said it has been amazing summer for lavender.

Love a bit of London! The Barbican in the rain always catches my eye. I felt like I could have been anywhere with so many styles all fighting for the same space.


I always love going back to The Trafalgar at St James. The excitement of walking through the TDR doors and the bustle at the bar. Such a very cool place to be able to work in.


The wall is down in the bar and restaurant. It opens the whole space up and gives it even more drama.


Whilst I think it feels like only yesterday that Charlene was working with Henry Ramsay in the garage in those overalls!!  It’s actually quite sobering to realise it nearly was a lifetime ago. That’s a life time if you are 32 or younger.

I managed to get up close and personal recently with the lady herself at a BBC Children in Need event. She was performing a really intimate gig to about 100 very lucky guests.  She looked amazing and her performance had everyone screaming for more.


If this wasn’t enough for one night, next on stage was the one and only, (ladies hold onto your hats) Take That!!!

Gary, Howard and Mark looked rugged, time has been kind to them. They seem to have grown into their more natural look. Again a crowd of, very noisy, about 100. (Where on earth does that ever happen!!)

I was lucky to get very very close to get these shots. As you can imagine, a lot of shots were fired off but these are the images cleared by the boys themselves for use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that is what you call a driveway. Must be a nightmare keeping those edges tidy! Cliveden House. What a place!

18_Aug_Cliveden_Sample-1 sm

Apparently there was a wedding earlier this summer. I think it made the news. For those of you who weren’t aware, (or only watched Love Island repeats all summer) the Duchess of Sussex stayed at Cliveden House the night before the wedding. As you would imagine, the worlds press went crazy for footage. As I have shot for the hotel for the last 4 years, I managed to get my images into some amazing publications. But I think nothing beats Vogue for prestige. (CLANG!!!)

Lygon Arms in Cotswolds is a very special place. I was lucky enough to stay there with my family for my wife’s birthday this year.  Everything that you would expect from such an Iconic Hotel. 

Variety is the spice of life so they say. Well this summer has been the Lamb Bhuna mixed with a Chicken Biryani type of life.

I was commissioned to photograph an industrial project at Waterloo Station at night. How often do you get to go behind the scenes of one of the countries busiest stations. I felt like I was on a Channel 4 documentary. The light, reflections and patterns had me mesmerised.

18_Aug_Bourne_Steel_Waterloo-21 bw

Adding a bit more spice I then had the opportunity to work with the amazing Sarah Ireland on the launch of her new fragrance and scented candles.


I asked to produce a series of product and lifestyle images to compliment the beautiful delicate fragrances.



then from the sublime …..

Fish Finger Sandwich sm

I was challenged earlier this year to make a fish finger sandwich look exciting.

I love a challenge, me!!!

I am entering the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards this year. This is the leading competition for food photographers and will showcase some of the best food shots from around the world. You can check back here to see how things progress but I have managed to hassle five leading chefs to collaborate with me on this.


My life may appear to mostly be made up of travelling from hotel to restaurants to hotel. But there is other cool stuff I occasionally get to do. Recently I got to shoot for the launch of Team Jobs Executive Search in Dorset. They had an idea of the style they were looking for but I had free reign on the creative. So much more exciting and real than either using stock or shooting that restrictive safe corporate imagery.

The coolest bar in Chelsea has to be Hans Bar and Grill. Situated on Pavilion Road just off Sloane Square. The designers have demonstrated such clever effortless style. The mix of greenery, Edison bulbs and light from the glass ceiling  gives a sense of tranquillity that makes you want to stay there all day. Exceptional food and service are what you would expect from such an esteemed establishment. It won’t let you down. Like a well oiled Swiss clock. (Does one oil a clock?)



Sorry about the long blog. Promise to write more frequently in future and not store it all up.
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In the words of Aaron Burr “See you on the other side (of the war)”


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