Shots Fired!! (and other things you can’t avoid.

I am celebrating a rather significant birthday this year. I woke up sober in January and thought, how did that happen? After a small wobble and a lot of very good wine (Dry-January?? Really. What a terrible idea.) I realigned my chakras and zinged my zen. Now I am running towards the big day of reckoning like a howling banshee. This has turned into the best ride ever.
In the words of the immortal David Brent, “live fast, die old.”

So, by now you all know the drill. Grab a sandwich, make yourself nice and comfy and look at the pretty pictures. Here’s 5 minutes you’re not getting back!!


When the luxury brand LVMH comes calling, you sit up and pay attention.
“We want you to photograph Veuve Cliquot  at some of the best hotels. You in?”
“Ah, yes!!” (I look around to see who they are really asking.)
That’s a really easy way to brighten up those dark winter days!


This time every year I look back at the shots I have produced over the winter. The dark tones and muted colour are quite indicative of that time of year. Then the first light of spring opens her eyes, the days get a little longer and the air carries the warmth towards you. Colour starts to flood back into my life, I feel lifted and want to shoot my images lighter and brighter. It’s then I realise, everything is ok in the world.


19_Jan_McLaren_Iconic 4119_Jan_McLaren_Iconic 40

You don’t have to be having a “mid-life crisis”  to know that McLaren make the most beautiful cars in the world. And so it happened.
“Adam. Can you come and shoot this McLaren we have for the next Iconic Mag..”
Donald Trump wouldn’t have approved of my negotiating skills on that one.   (Note to myself, stop seeking approval from ‘The Donald’ and move on)



Fish made a bit of a statement in my work recently. As you guys know, I do love a bit of fish, raw, smoked and just served up in a stew. It does lend itself to being photographed. It’s at this point I should thank my clients for their patience. These shots can take ages to prepare and get right. So to my amazing supportive clients, I raise my glass of fish stock in your general direction. #youknowwhoyouare


The dark colours and tones of raw produce make me just stop and stare. The truffles in this shot next to the smoked garlic, it’s just Boom!! Naturing the hell of this and giving me visual gold.



I love this image still. It’s great to see it featuring in this seasons spa campaign for Chewton Glen. The pool grabs and dunks you into a big glass of sensory overload . The looming pillars the fresco paintings take you away from real life for a moment of indulgence. We shot this through the night a couple of years ago. The complexity of trying to acclimatise all the equipment, work in the heat, not electrocute anyone and hit the brief. Thank you team.

Model –Sarah Sherwood, Makeup – Joe Hopker, Assistant- Harriet Bailey, Queen of the Schedule- Sarah Branson



When it’s dark and gloomy out there, I need a bit of colour in my life. Up steps the new head chef at one of the biggest openings this summer The Langley.  Marco Ardemagni’s team are going to be creating vegetable focused works of art like these. Instagram has never had it so good!


CondeNastTraveller_May2018 4_Page_03

So, this is a big deal. This summer doors open at what CN Traveller are calling ‘France’s Loveliest Chateaux.’
Chateau du Grand-Lucé is set in 80 acres of prime Loire countryside, with 20 suites including two cottages, it will be like no other hotel in the region. With no detail missing. At the end of May, I am taking a small team to photograph this amazing place for its owners. Keep your eyes peeled as I think it is highly likely the images will pop up across all the quality travel press this summer. I am sure that if you follow my social media I may pop a picture or two in my own reserved, quiet and subtle manner!!!

CondeNastTraveller_May2018 4_Page_07

I promise every blog to write more often. (Please don’t I hear you cry!) If you want to stay in touch and see what’s going on then click that little blue button below and you can follow me on Instagram. I know, I am so modern. I know all the lingo!!
See you on the other side.


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