Lynk – Mad as a March Hare!



Some days at work are solid gold! There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a piece of your work somewhere that you have aspired to reach for many years. It’s a genuine ‘moment’ in time and I was lucky enough to achieve this recently when not only was one of my images from a shoot I did at The Chewton Glen used in House & Garden, I WAS ALSO CREDITED! A real career high…

It seems everyone is refreshing their look, upgrading marketing and press collateral as well as launching new campaigns and ventures as the lighter days come into play. It’s exciting to see these changes taking place with vim and vigor.

Over the last month I have been lucky enough to shoot the legend that is Harry Redknapp more than once. As someone I knew throughout my childhood years this has been an absolute joy. Harry is always immaculate and hugely accommodating when I am pointing my lens at him and this most recent image is being used for a national campaign that will be released shortly.

17_Mar_Harry_Redknapp_Headshots-10 bw

‘Remind me one day to share with you the trip we had to this shoot with Harry!

I visited the International Confex 2017 exhibition at Olympia at the beginning of the month to capture the highly respected hotels consultant and presenter of the Channel 5 series The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi on behalf of the Grand Harbour Hotel. As keynote speakers go, there is no-one better positioned to offer the hotel industry practical advice in the present climate.


It has to be said that Alex is one of the most striking looking people I have ever met and holds herself with such grace and poise, and is utterly exquisite.

As we march towards the end of the month (I try!) I am seeing a rise in interest from media groups and agencies which is all very exciting. Lets see what spring yields!











Random location?       Random location. In a field with a white board.


Most valuable lesson learnt?     Sometimes I am lucky enough to involved in some incredible projects. Remember to realise this.

Piece of kit.    Zeiss 85mm f2

And finally….    People will join you along the way. Some will stay and some will leave. But remember it’s your journey.


Spring into err…. Spring!!!

I may not have hit the gym like the rest of the nation during the opening weeks of 2106, but I have definitely hit the ground running! And while the international kale mountain was being diminished by the masses, I was surrounded by sensational chef glitterati!

I kid you not. I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet and film Luke Matthews, Pierre Chevillard, James Martin, Jean-Christophe Novelli all in the name of work having been commissioned to make the Chewton Glen 50th Anniversary celebration video. I might just throw in Robin Hutson, Martin and Brigitte Skan, Peter Crome, Andrew Stembridge, oh and Sir Ben Ainslie. And did I mention Jody Scheckter?

Jody Schectker fx sm

As you may be aware, I love a landscape and being based in Milford on Sea I have access to both coast and country vistas. Sales of this work have rocketed recently so I have launched a separate site – where all my latest pieces are available to purchase.

16_Feb_Barton_Sunset-3 sm

With my corporate hat on, I have been working with a lot of clients who are busy refreshing their websites and social media platforms and have required ‘head shots’. To some this may sound like small fry, but never underestimate the power of a good clean set of images displaying your highly qualified and results driven team.


Time is March’ing on (see what I did there?) and next month will be a lot about hotels, business leaders in action, food imagery and a substantial amount of interior property shots for a new client.


In the meantime, I have been ‘instructed’ to join the exercise bandwagon and so having escaped the gym in January, I am now plodding, like a slow plodding thing, my way from my extremely comfy couch to 5 very hot and sweaty K. I’ll leave you with that thought 🙂fat

Jim Cregan- Rock and Roll God!!

Last weekend I was very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph one of the legends of Rock n Roll. Jim Cregan, guitarist for Rod Stewart, Steve Harley etc.

What an amazing man. I asked him to sit in a chair in the middle of the road in the middle of the New Forest in Hampshire, at dawn. He was up for it all the way. At that time of day we expected no traffic. How wrong were we!!! In between moving lighting rigs and batteries and chairs and guitars!!!  we got these shots. I hope you like them.

I shot with my new D800 (wow) using a Profoto lighting rig, (4×3 softbox and small ocotbox).

Chair was very kind supplied by The Cave of Milford on Sea.

Guitar 1 small No Guitar small Jim Cregan small

Summer Sunrise in the New Forest

What else is there to do at 4.30 am on a Sunday on the hottest day of the year? Yeah that’s it, go into the forest with your dog, that really wants to be in every picture, and catch the sun coming up.

Wow, it was sooooo beautiful. The mist was rising off the stream, the ponies were eating their breakfast. Picture postcard time. These images may be a bit twee but what the heck!

Shot using a 10-20mm on f14 at about 1/10th. Used a tripod and and ND grad. Post process bought the shadows back in, quite a bit of saturation and then used HDR toning. It may be a bit strong I know but anyway.




Lyndhurst (1) 14-07-13 small Lyndhurst (2) 14-07-13 small Lyndhurst (3) 14-07-13 small