Fish are jumping and the cotton is high…

19_July_LVMH_Coworth_DP_Sunset-1As the sunburn of summer sizzles and spits into the faded distance I look back at what high jinx and japes I have been up to. With my bucket, spade and a great deal of mirth ’twas off to the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. (Well, a bit further up than that).

19_Aug_links_House_Web_Ready8Links House in Dornoch is a sneaky piece of 5 star luxury hidden at the entrance to The Highlands. With breathtaking views around every corner I started to run out of adjectives. Forget your Swiss Alps, and your Norwegian Fjords we have the very best scenery here on our doorstep.

19_Aug_links_House_Web_Ready126Rich fabrics in every room. Nothing has been left to chance here. This is a really beautiful hotel. You know you are in the Highlands.



Getting ready for the Glorious 12th, the big sky and vast spaces make you feel very small and insignificant, but also connected with this place. If the idea of the North Coast 500 is not for you,  then maybe a trip to the wilds?


When the sun comes up, the wind is light and the grass has been cut. It can only mean one thing… get your camera out and stand really tall on your tippy toes. Chewton and Cliveden are timeless. I never really get past how beautiful these hotels are. The teams that work on the grounds are heroes in their own right. It’s an ongoing battle against the elements, golf swings and greenfly. We salute you.


Handmade bespoke tailoring, classic cars and good looking guys. Why on earth would I not want to shoot this? Richard George Tailoring is like being in a Kingsman movie. A very clever blend of modern gentleman meets classic style. I spent all day keeping a lookout for Colin Firth. I love this image so much that it hangs above my desk.

19_July_LVMH_Coworth_DP-13Dom Perignon, sweetie? Yep, that’ll do!! The very gorgeous people at LVMHasked me to shoot the new ‘Dining Under the Stars’ experience at Coworth Park. Luxury and prestige in the most beautiful setting. 19_july_lvmh_coworth_dp-16.jpg

Everyone of these lights is actually a firefly. They encouraged them to stay still with the promise of untold wealth and endless ‘DP’ Champagne. Needless to say they complied.

(For legal reasons, I must point out that at no point were any fireflies injured in the making of this image).

19_Aug_11CG_General-3Steak night at Hans Bar and Grillisn’t just any old steak night. Make sure you haven’t eaten for the 8 days leading up to it. Chef Adam Englandand his team always turn out the very coolest and tastiest food in Chelsea. I have tried several times this summer to eat vegetarian, then chef does this and the rest is history.


19_july_lakes_by_yoo_awr-36.jpgSo those unfeasibly talented guys at Lakes by Yoo have been producing the most outstanding private holiday villas in the Cotswolds. Designed by the likes of Philipe Starck, these imposing properties dot the man made lakes and offer swimming pools on the roof, glass floors to view your car collection and of course they all have their own private jetty so you can swim in the lake.

19_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_awr-5019_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_awr-43Nothing has been missed. Each house, while sharing the same DNA is distinct in its own individuality. Very design led, but stunningly beautiful. If you are looking for an escape, you could do so much worse.


Art work adorns most of the walls, the rest hold views across the lakes. Something that Gatsby himself would have loved.

19_July_Lakes_by_Yoo_H3-1Contact me if you have any left over champagne or fancy swimming pools that you need photographing.

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé, there are no words …

I don’t know about you but when I think of a French château the image that jumps to my mind (after singing all the songs from Beauty and the Beast obvs!) is of tall elegant windows, long manicured gardens and sweeping stone staircases.
19_May_Chateau_du_Grande_Luce_AD_Pick-5i crop
Having never really contemplated what it would feel like to stand inside a fairy-tale castle, or how the light would break through the windows and dance across antique rugs that sit nestled under original 17th century chaise longues. When the opportunity presented itself to photograph the magnificent, glorious, majestic, exquisite Château du Grand-Lucé, in the words of Rene Zellweger, “You had me at hello.”
The Grand Salon at the heart of the exceptional Château du Grand-Lucé, just south of Paris in the Loire, has me transfixed. I am actually quite emotional. I have been lucky enough to stand in some very beautiful and carefully curated hotels and great houses, but nothing prepares you for this. Every inch has been considered, debated and lovingly presented. Every room delivers its own unique experience.
From the significant hand painted de Gournay hunting wallpaper, “La Chasse de Campiegné”, that lines the walls in La Galerie de Chasse, to the rich luxurious Pierre Frey fabrics that flow like waterfalls cascading down against the 25ft original casement windows framing the view across the immaculate formal gardens.
You very quickly realise that this is no ordinary gaff!
Each suite is as breathtaking in scale as it is in detail. The wallpaper in every salon is an exceptional and priceless example of French style at its best. Discretion and luxury at the very highest.
The Baran’s Suite stops you in your tracks. The walls aren’t just painted, they are utterly adorned by artist Jean Baptiste Pillement (1728-1808) and found only in one other place – the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s private garden palace at Versailles (I know!).

The Salon Chinois, once the Baran’s private drawing room is now a private sanctuary for guests to enjoy.

I started my conversation with the team behind the Chateau du Grand-Lucé late in 2018. The Chateau was mid refurbishment and they wanted a photographer who could and would capture the new spirit of this majestic property. He was already booked so they got me! (cymbals stage right!)

Setting foot on set you feel you have been swept up in an elegant production of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”, only more so, and then just a little bit more!

The style is a heady mix of traditional French with stylish American influences. However, there is no doubt at all, this is a very French offering. There must have been a significant amount of shoe leather replaced by the clever souls that sourced all the original French pieces from around the world
There is no question that there was an element of ‘pinch me’ during this project. My team were fortunate to work alongside   such a highly knowledgeable body of professionals, who made sure every infinitesimal detail was perfect for every shot.
Everyone has a bucket list hidden away somewhere and please trust me when I tell you, Chateau du Grande-Lucé has to be on there.

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Chateau du Grand-Lucé