Cameras, Companies and Commissions (oh and a new website!)

Lynk Towers have been busy bees over the summer period. Always looking to improve, I made the biggest investment of my career. To remain at the cutting edge of delivering images, I have invested in a Phase One IQ350 camera. What does this mean to me, I hear you shout?! It simply means that you can now benefit from the highest possible quality, sharpest image that will reproduce to the biggest scale possible. Big, bold, bright and shiny!! If you want to know more, I will be more than willing to bore you to death for hours on end about stacking, HDR, Dynamic Range and Seismographs. (Don’t yawn its rude!!!)


Phase TopIn a flurry of creativity, many hours of frustration and a few choice words, I have a new website. Same address but hopefully you’ll agree easier to use and a bit cleaner. I have matched this with a new logo (oooh! get me!!!) Plain and simple. The designer told me it reflects my character. (Rude!)


Website landscapeNot saying I have been up and down the M3 a lot this summer but I now have my own parking space at Fleet Services and a direct debit to Costa drive thru!!
The amazing campaigns that I have been lucky enough to be involved in, have been at full throttle all summer. If you are looking for a beautiful break in the Cotswolds then you must go to the new Lygon Arms in Broadway. Unrivalled in style and country elegance. If you find yourself in London then forget the NED. The Roof Bar at The Trafalgar at St James. Cool, stylish and the best view in London. 11 Cadogan Gardens in Mayfair for the ultimate opulent indulgence. You must try the cocktails. If you are looking for unusual then you have to go a long way to beat The Windmill, Suffolk. A beautifully restored windmill with views to kill your neighbours for.


Last and most definitely least. As the company has grown over the last 4 years we have now become a full Limited Company. For those of you that supply me and for those of you that I am lucky enough to bill, we have new bank details and a new official company name. I will email you all the details. However we will continue to trade as Adam Lynk Photography. Coz, if it ain’t broken and all that razzmatazz.

Thank you, its been emotional.



Boom Shack-A-Lak – whoever coined this well-known phrase must have known what April 2017 was going to be like!

Where to start? It’s been what you might call a ‘vintage’ month, the likes of which I have never seen before. I’ve hopscotched the South Coast, made friends with the engineers on the M3 and enjoyed all the scenic routes of the Cotswolds, not entirely intentionally. Having enjoyed a warm fuzzy Condé Nast feeling last month I was knocked sideways to see one of my shots included in the New York Times. New. York. Times. Holy guacamole!

IMG_6010 copy

This link to my showreel clearly demonstrates the breadth of my work over recent months and includes Chef James Martin, Walhampton, Nasty Lifestyle, Mitch Green (he’s the dude in the red), MMG, Cliveden House and behind the scenes with singer songwriter Charlie Hole whose video is being released later this year. It’s only 1 min 31 and you may spot a few other familiar faces.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.32.06


In other news, I am delighted to announce that I have completed the documentation and secured my new London office. I have recently started work with two hotel campaigns located in the capital, The Trafalgar at St James is currently undergoing a major refurbishment with a view to launching as one of London’s coolest venues and 11 Cadogan Square which is now under a new management structure. With more in the pipeline it seemed perfect timing to ‘divide and conquer’. I just don’t have the hours available to spend in limbo and while I can make calls and write emails on public transport to an extent, I can’t edit work.

While we’re on news, I have a trip to Berlin booked in June which follows the completion of a ‘Top Secret’ project I did at Abbey Road Studios last year. I’ll be heading off to work with well-known composer and producer Craig Leon (The Ramones, Debbie Harry, Talking Heads and Pavarotti). I can’t reveal anymore for now – taps nose walks away mysteriously!

As there is no rain forecast for the South Coast over the next few days, perhaps even weeks I thought I would wet your appetite with this beautiful ‘sunshine in a glass’ shot taken at Cliveden. I think summer 2017 is coming at us slowly but surely.



And finally, after a search worthy of an entire BBC Drama police force series, I filed my end of year accounts.

London Office: 3rd Floor, 86 – 90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE

 You can reach me on the same email address for both offices and the London number is 0207 324 7559.

Lynk – Mad as a March Hare!



Some days at work are solid gold! There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a piece of your work somewhere that you have aspired to reach for many years. It’s a genuine ‘moment’ in time and I was lucky enough to achieve this recently when not only was one of my images from a shoot I did at The Chewton Glen used in House & Garden, I WAS ALSO CREDITED! A real career high…

It seems everyone is refreshing their look, upgrading marketing and press collateral as well as launching new campaigns and ventures as the lighter days come into play. It’s exciting to see these changes taking place with vim and vigor.

Over the last month I have been lucky enough to shoot the legend that is Harry Redknapp more than once. As someone I knew throughout my childhood years this has been an absolute joy. Harry is always immaculate and hugely accommodating when I am pointing my lens at him and this most recent image is being used for a national campaign that will be released shortly.

17_Mar_Harry_Redknapp_Headshots-10 bw

‘Remind me one day to share with you the trip we had to this shoot with Harry!

I visited the International Confex 2017 exhibition at Olympia at the beginning of the month to capture the highly respected hotels consultant and presenter of the Channel 5 series The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi on behalf of the Grand Harbour Hotel. As keynote speakers go, there is no-one better positioned to offer the hotel industry practical advice in the present climate.


It has to be said that Alex is one of the most striking looking people I have ever met and holds herself with such grace and poise, and is utterly exquisite.

As we march towards the end of the month (I try!) I am seeing a rise in interest from media groups and agencies which is all very exciting. Lets see what spring yields!











Random location?       Random location. In a field with a white board.


Most valuable lesson learnt?     Sometimes I am lucky enough to involved in some incredible projects. Remember to realise this.

Piece of kit.    Zeiss 85mm f2

And finally….    People will join you along the way. Some will stay and some will leave. But remember it’s your journey.

February blog

It’s all about the contrast …

Contrast  –  a difference or contrast between similar things or people.
synonyms: differencecontrastdissimilaritydissimilitudedivergencevariancevariation

Contrast sums up a lot of areas of my life. Today I was shooting pupils swimming at a large independent school in the centre of Bournemouth, then I went off to a freezing underground car park to work with Nasty Lifestyle on a clothing shoot, which always makes me grin as the models are barely clothed and  – holding on to that theme – I closed the day with artist Will Rochfort after hours in local launderette capturing a backdrop for his next piece of work.It’s all at high speed as ever and I am thoroughly enjoying using different kit, experimenting in new environments and there is a substantial pitch in the pipeline which we are all very excited about.


Last weekend I was lucky enough to stay and enjoy the sheer luxury that is The Chewton Glen. There is nowhere like it for me, their service is delivered with such infinite style and panache. On the Sunday I was invited to visit the Fat Duck with a client. What a kitchen – it quite took my breath away!

By contrast, there it is again, this weekend I’ll be mainly ferrying my girls to and from their various ‘social engagements’, trying to assist with housework (brownie points urgently required) and casting an eye over the grey area that is the garden.

If you are on Instagram check out my page as it’s where I post a lot of my work, I’ve got a bit of a food thing going on at the moment. Colours, textures and… oh look, a unicorn!

“I’m absolutely delighted to have reached the semi final stage in the Bournemouth Tourism Awards ‘Rising Star’ category! Having been nominated anonymously (easy for you to say) by two different sources its quite humbling to be in such a broad category and be in with a chance. If I win I’m sure my supporters will show themselves in a bid for a free drink, which will of course be forthcoming and plentiful.


Most random location used so far this month?  A local Launderette at night.

Piece of kit most used?
My Nilon 24-70mm f2.8 be.

Most valuable lesson learnt?
Never settle for “good enough”

And finally …
Sometimes you look up from behind the lens and realise how lucky I am to do this for a living

January Blog

Out of the blocks in January 2017

I’d love to tell you that I’m excelling at a raft of educational, life-enhancing and worthy NY resolutions and, whilst I am high on admiration for those that are, I am slightly lower on the self discipline scale. I have enjoyed some long blasts of fresh air already this month and living here on the beautiful South Coast, it’s no real hardship to have your car passenger window stuck on ‘open’ on few bright and breezy days.

Voting in the Bournemouth Tourism Awards has now closed and I’m overwhelmed by how many people took time to vote for me in the Rising Star category. I still don’t know which two people / companies nominated me for the award in the first place. Intriguing! We’ll know if I made semi finalist in a few weeks, naturally I’ll be bragging on every social media platform known to man if I do. Speech you say?

We kicked off 2017 working on a music video for singer songwriter Charlie Hole ( and the local area offered us the most incredible backdrop. I got to collaborate on this video with my great mate, film and television Director Sean Glynn  during a rare break from his current Hollyoaks contract. It was fascinating to put my photographic way of working alongside Seans’ cinematic approach and the result is, in our minds, flipping fantastic! I should point out that the client is pretty happy too.

We used locations including a lake, a pub (revert to paragraph 1) a street, a farm and a motorway and our team included Bournemouth based filmmaker Rob Amey, international make up artist Joe Hopker, lighting, sound and special effects expert Joe Hale ( and numerous friends and colleagues for background shots. The video is currently being mastered and should be ready for release early Feb. So again, naturally I will be bragging about it on social media, just to tease you here is a glimpse of the behind the scenes video from the day. Thank you Todd Clark.

Behind the scenes on the day, images taken by the Crew.
Most random location used so far this month?  
A motorway bridge leading from a sewage treatment centre to a cow field.

Piece of kit most used?
My DJI Ronin M Gimbal. It has earns its money this month alone. Awesome piece of kit.

Most valuable lesson learnt?
Prep and then prep again. It saves so much time.

December Blog

Adam Lynk Photography
December Newsletter
It’s a wrap for 2016 (a pitiful attempt at seasonal humor but better than some of the efforts I have seen). I have hit my 3rd year as a full time photographer and this year has seen me move to work with video, a process I thoroughly enjoy. I still get a buzz from getting a great shot on my camera phone though!
One of the more complex, intricate shoots I was involved in this year featured the back drop of a large lake, several boats and lots of competent junior sailors dressed in character – as you do! Being on location at Walhampton is always exciting and this campaign was to a particularly specific brief. Needless to say there were a great many dependables, not least the weather, water and a group of 8 – 13 year olds. I have to say the children were remarkable in their boat handling and hanging around while we set up. It always impresses me how these pupils can be running around one moment and completely in control and taking responsibility and instruction the next.

Sometimes life throws things at you that you could never ever have anticipated. This happened to me twice during November.  One piece of news I’ll share with you at later date (it’s huge) the other knocked my socks off and I’ll share it with you right now!

I have been nominated for an award, I know! Not only that, but I was nominated twice by parties who remain anonymous to me. Clearly I owe a huge debt of gratitude somewhere along the line, and now I find myself asking you all to take 3 minutes to hit the link and vote for me in the ‘Rising Star’ category. Oddly I have previously photographed one of my ‘opponents’. 

Every time I go on location with BH Live I find myself holding my stomach in and trying hard to swagger nonchalantly amongst all the fitness coaches and PTs while I shoot, nodding magnanimously at their tales of incredible feats and achievements. My recent images are about to be posted on the walls of the newest BH Live property in Corfe Mullen in 96 sheet size #huge

While my family can’t wait to fully embrace twinkly lights and decorations, I am already using any spare time to create client storyboards and shoot lists for next spring! I’ve seen a fair few Christmas decorations over recent weeks and it seemed only fitting to include a firm favourite from a shoot at Buckland Manor, a venue I use as a backdrop for fashion and styling a great deal as it has been masterfully renovated by the owner.
It was a privilege to be involved in the extremely edgy brand re-launch and unveiling of the new website for Mobile Media Group (MMG). Located at the very cool Ice Tank in the heart of the West End the event was attended by leading figures of the digital marketing and design industry.  The champagne reception was followed by the reveal of the new site design and an impossibly beautiful Dance Act put this launch into the premier league. As far as photography and videography go, it wasn’t without its challenges with regard to lighting and space, however my team executed the brief and the client feedback has been spectacular.
And breath…
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Taking your school Marketing Campaign to another level

I am delighted to have hit the front page, literally, of the Independent Schools Guide with my photograph of pupils from Walhampton School in Hampshire. I ripped up the ‘never work with children (or animals)’ rule book when I worked with a model of 7 who had more star quality than many of the adults around her. My intuition for being able to think ahead to what is coming next is either down to having young children myself or perhaps my slightly mischievous nature!


Cuddles Nursery has recently undergone a huge transformation, invested a significant sum in new equipment and my brief was to capture the children as they navigated the lights and sounds around them.


Living on the south coast in the seaside village of Milford on Sea means that our local children get the opportunity to share time in a beautiful school garden. It’s a focal point where pupils relax and engage in new responsibilities It’s noticeable how their energy and unit recharges when they move outside from the classroom.


I have been photographing the students at Walhampton for quite sometime. It’s a school bursting with vigor, opportunities reflected from both staff and pupils. I am always confident of catching something or someone that shines through the lens back at me.


Prom is a big deal. A really big deal! I know this now having photographed the Ballard School Year 11’s celebrating their achievements over an evening filled with great laughter and camaraderie For me, this celebration is the epitome of the phrase ‘they are growing up in front of our eyes.’


Working with a child model is very different to being in an educational environment. Asking a small child to comply with a formal brief can have it’s challenges even in the most magnificent 5* surroundings however I have been extremely fortunate to date. So far, so good!


The link below will take you to one of the videos I have produced for a school. Video is so all encompassing and inclusive for pupils and a successful marketing device, not to mention being something memorable for the parents.